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The AE Alliance blog endeavors to educate, inspire hope and build a community among patients, families and caregivers. This blog is written for families, patients, caregivers and anyone interested in learning more about autoimmune encephalitis.

Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Meeting 2019

This is a two-day international meeting on 5-6 June 2019 for clinicians and scientists looking to appreciate the breadth of translational autoimmune neurology. This inaugural meeting will cover the clinical features of CNS and PNS diseases, methodological aspects of immunological assays, applied T and B cell pathophysiology, and questions relating to immunological tolerance. By being …

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Charity’s journey with Autoimmune Encephalitis

On #RareDiseaseDay Charity shares her journey with Autoimmune Encephalitis: March 2018 was like every other year, I was preparing to do my spring cleaning. My husband Patrick and I, had our birthday celebrations and all our visitors had left to go home. I woke up and thought that it was a great day to start cleaning so I got out my cleaning supply bucket and cleaning supplies, recruited …

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AE Insight with Dr. Sarosh Irani

For World Encephalitis Day 2019, Dr. Irani talks about his work and research and how he sees the field of AE evolving. Dr. Sarosh Irani is an Associate Professor, Honorary Consultant Neurologist and Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellow with clinical and laboratory interests in the field of autoantibody-mediated diseases of the central nervous system. He sees …

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Emily Gavigan AE Story

It was almost exactly ten years ago that I rushed home from a coffee shop, paranoid and terrified, and my journey with autoimmune encephalitis began. A college sophomore, I ended up in the ER and then a psychiatric ward, eventually “diagnosed” with Psychosis: Unknown. There have been a lot of unknowns along the way. My …

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AE Insight with Dr. Eyal Muscal

For World Encephalitis Day 2019, Dr. Muscal talks about his work and research and how he sees the field of AE evolving. Dr. Eyal Muscal is a pediatric rheumatologist at Texas Children’s Hospital with a MS Degree in Clinical Research whose activities include patient care, fellowship education, quality improvement, and clinical research. He is the Childhood …

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Tori Calaunan AE Story

My name is Tori Calaunan and I was diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis in the summer of 2018. Before that time, I was a perfectly healthy 24-year-old. I was going through life, had a job that I loved and was in nursing school. In April 2018 I was feeling a bit weird. My right leg …

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