Meg Poe

Meg Poe

What motivates you in your work at the AE Alliance?

“The people.  I believe we all have the capacity to thrive, be happy and live our best life.  It doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Sometimes it seems impossible, and we may not even know what it means to “thrive, be happy and live our best life.”  Since joining the Alliance, I interact with people every day on their AE Journey.  Whether a person with AE or someone that loves and cares for a person with AE, the journey is real!  My goal is to build a strong AEA community through listening, asking questions, meeting people where they are, providing resources, developing connections, and laughing whenever possible.  Through community, we can do so much together.  Hope you join me.”


Meg is the Director of Patient Support, Programs and Administration at the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance, Inc., in Durham NC.  Meg has extensive training and program development experience.  Her most recent experiences include roles as Director of Strategic Operations for VeraSci (formerly Neurocog Trials) and Manager of Global Training and Development for Syneos Health (formerly INC Research). She was an Associate in Research at Duke University Medical Center. In that capacity, she led neurocognitive assessment initiatives for the schizophrenia research unit while coordinating testing efforts for several large National Institute of Mental Health research projects. Meg is no novice to the medical arena, healthcare, or research.


In 2016, Meg founded Poe Wellness Solutions, LLC, with the mission of supporting people as they discover, define, and take-action toward achieving their best health and happiness through movement, mindfulness and behavior change.  Meg holds dual BA degrees in Psychology and Physical Education from UNC-Chapel Hill, an MA in Experimental Psychology, and an MA in Exercise Physiology with a concentration on behavior change (also from UNC-Chapel Hill). Also of merit, Meg is national board-certified in health coaching and has worked extensively with the Parkinson’s patient community, including developing successful grant funding initiatives.


Meg is passionate about best health, movement and being present in life.  She always has a house or yard project.  She loves to laugh and make others do the same.  Her home is in Hillsborough NC.  You will often find her walking in the woods along the Eno River.