AE Alliance Blog

The AE Alliance blog endeavors to educate, inspire hope and build a community among patients, families and caregivers. This blog is written for families, patients, caregivers and anyone interested in learning more about autoimmune encephalitis.

Florence Forth

Our family has always been a running family. A jogging stroller lived on our porch or dining room for years. We ran when full time jobs became stressful, while Laura and Florence napped as babies, and just exercising our dog. When Florence fell ill with an unknown disease at age two, we increased our running …

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One is Too Many

When I talk about autoimmune encephalitis, I often get the question “How many people have autoimmune encephalitis?” My answer, “We don’t know.” The first few times I was asked these questions, I was apologetic for not having an answer.  I would answer, “This disease is so new the doctors haven’t yet compiled the statistics.” Or …

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Disseminating Knowledge

One core mission of the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance is to share the latest research to improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment of AE.  A list of symptoms and a brief discussion of diagnosis are provided in the Living with AE section of this website. In January 2013, the AE Alliance coordinated a Grand Rounds at Duke University Medical Center. Our board members …

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