World Encephalitis Day 2/22

February 20, 2017

World Encephalitis Day (“WED”) is celebrated every February 22 – just remember 222.  While we at the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance focus on autoimmune encephalitis, we are so happy to join in supporting all of those affecting by any form of encephalitis. To show your support for those with encephalitis of all types, wear the color red on Wednesday. Buildings around the world will be lit in red lights for the day, folks will be using #red4WED on twitter, and sharing their involvement in the day via social networks. There are so many possibilities to show your support. Visit Red4WED to see all the remarkable ways to join in celebrating the day.

A very special thank you to our friends at the Encephalitis Society based in the UK who do exceptional work to aid patients with all type of brain inflammation. AEA works with ES throughout the year to help coordinate care and spread awareness. We are grateful for their dedicated work especially on World Encephalitis Day!