AE Alliance Blog

The AE Alliance blog endeavors to educate, inspire hope and build a community among patients, families and caregivers. This blog is written for families, patients, caregivers and anyone interested in learning more about autoimmune encephalitis.

Diagnostic Testing

This blog post provides guidance on diagnostic testing for autoimmune encephalitis, including answers to common questions and and additional resources for families and patients. Please be sure to review the disclaimer at bottom. If you have additional resources or are told something different, please let us know so we can provide the most up to date and …

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Thankful for the AE Alliance community

As all of us who have been affected by AE know, the holidays can be filled with mixed emotions.  Some of us are just settling into our role as caregiver, some are seasoned in giving of ourselves in support of someone with AE, and some of us long for the time when we were comforting a …

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