Autoimmune Encephalitis

Targeted Therapy Holds Future Promise July 9, 2017

In many areas of medicine, treatments are increasingly becoming targeted in a way that benefits patients. This is happening in fields ranging from oncology to neurological disease. In this month’s Neurology Now, treatment for autoimmune encephalitis is being cited as one area where “precision medicine” holds promise for better and targeted treatments according to antibody […]

A Case of Anti-LGI1 Encephalitis July 3, 2017

As research on autoimmune encephalitis has progressed over the past 10 years, pioneers in the field have often referred to it as a heterogeneous group of disorders. The commonality in various forms of AE is the underlying pathologic mechanism in a patient’s own immune system. For unknown reason the patient’s immune system has produced antibodies […]

Treatment of autoimmune encephalitis with immune based therapies June 6, 2017

The Journal of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Psychiatry reports on autoimmune encephalitis patients treated with immune based therapy including rituximab.  Authors Dowland F, Swayne A, Bhuta S, et. al. discuss three cases and conclude, “The field of neuro-immunology has seen a plethora of newly discovered autoantibodies, yet there remain a significant number of patients, with features suggestive […]

A daughter remembers her mom to help others with AE June 21, 2017

The following was sent to us by Erin Wicke Dankert to honor her mother Rita. “My family has been very open with my Mom’s experience in hopes of helping others with this condition.”  AEA is so appreciative of this personal sharing by all who loved Rita. In March, my family suffered the devastating loss of […]