Autoimmune encephalitis in children – June 2017 review

July 12, 2017

Researchers in three countries have come together to publish a review article in Current Opinion in Neurology, June 2017. Issues addressed in this comprehensive publication include: challenges in diagnosis, antibody detection methods, treatment decisions, seronegative cases and the challenges in monitoring patients over time. Points of emphasis include the following:

  • Many autoimmune encephalopathies are central nervous system disorders that are treatable with immune therapy; the earlier the better. Second-line treatment may be necessary.
  • Randomized controlled clinical trials have not been done yet.
  • Consensus has been reached in the field about diagnostic criteria, but some areas need further testing in children.
  • A large proportion of children with suspected AE are “seronegative,” or do not have known antibody markers in their blood. These patients may have unidentified antibodies or other autoimmune-associated disease.

To read the abstract,click here.

Post by Lynn Chapman