Thank you

November 26, 2020

Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday for the family to come together and give thanks. This year will be different as not all families will be able to reunite for the holidays due to COVID-19. This situation may apply to our AE community even more so, as many of you are on immunotherapy or just finishing treatment and cannot afford to take any risk to your progress or recovery. Amid all the angst you may be feeling, we want you to know we genuinely care for you and your loved ones. You are who inspires us to stay focused and dedicated in the battle with AE. We are in awe of your perseverance – your ability to endure the challenges thrown at you every day. And we see and appreciate the support you give each other. 


This Thanksgiving, we give thanks to all the physicians, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, and support staff who work hard daily in the hospitals and clinics to provide excellent care for AE patients. Thank you to the researchers who are working to find better treatments for this complex illness. And last but certainly not least, thank you to our many supporters and volunteers who provide the financial resources and volunteer hours necessary to support the needs of our community. 


We are grateful for your partnership and encouragement that drives us to move forward, strengthen our community, raise awareness, and invest in education and research that will ultimately change the trajectory of this disease. You are our heroes.  #WeAreInItTogether