Giving Tuesday is Now!

December 1, 2020

The 2020 year has been unprecedented in so many ways. Though this pandemic has wreaked havoc in all our lives, our AE community has experienced the disruptions in profound and tangible ways, from interruptions in treatment to implementing particularly stringent measures to protect fragile immune systems. In partnering with you through your journey with AE this year, we have seen these impacts in your lives.

Just as COVID-19 has challenged our AE community, it has challenged the Alliance. We have redirected limited available funding to the most critical activities, shifted our ongoing programming to virtual platforms, and reduced our expenses where possible. Despite these challenges, we have successfully launched new programs that strategically move us forward in meaningful ways. And we continue to meet our mission to support the AE community, educate physicians in evidence-based best practices for the diagnosis and treatment of AE, and facilitate scientific research.

The needs of the AE community are great. On this Giving Tuesday, we humbly seek your financial support. We have two generous donors that will match any donation you make today, up to $10,000. Please help us meet this goal.  #WeAreInItTogether


How we serve you at a glance:

->  We answer your questions on topics ranging from insurance to rehabilitation;

-> We facilitate the AE community through online resources and platforms;

-> We oversee support groups across three broad geographical areas in the US;

-> We connect patients with doctors through our Clinicians Network that spans 20+ countries;

-> We provide evidence-based resources to empower our AE community;

-> We raise awareness so people can get early diagnosis and treatment;

-> We educate physicians on AE (grand rounds, expert series, and symposia, psychiatry outreach);

-> We support research to develop targeted therapies for AE (clinical trials, studies and treatment guidelines, grants);

-> We advocate on the national and state level to expand awareness and improve access to care.