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Evaluation of seizure treatment in AE

In this nationwide cohort study, by De Bruijn and colleagues, the authors evaluated the seizure responses to immunotherapy and anti-epileptic drugs (AED’s) in patients with NMDAR, LGI1, and GABAbR encephalitis. The study included 153 patients with AE (53 LGI1, 75 NMDAR, 25 GABABR). Of those, 110 patients had epileptic seizures and were included in the …

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Research continues on testing methods

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University published a retrospective study in which they examined the PET scans of patients who had been definitively diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis over a ten-year period. They compared patients with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis with other subgroups. They found those with anti-NMDAr AE consistently showed abnormalities in the form of hypometabolism (lower …

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Study reveals new insights on NMDAR antibodies

Physicians conducting research in Barcelona are using high-resolution microscopy and biochemical methods to unlock the secrets surrounding how anti-NMDA receptor antibodies cause disruption at the cellular level, resulting in the alteration of brain function. Dalmau and colleagues have discovered that under laboratory conditions, “NMDARs form nano-objects on the neuronal surface.” Patients with AE have developed …

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