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The AE Alliance blog endeavors to educate, inspire hope and build a community among patients, families and caregivers. This blog is written for families, patients, caregivers and anyone interested in learning more about autoimmune encephalitis.

Living Rare, Living Stronger by NORD

AE Alliance is a member of NORD, the National Organization for Rare Disorders. Each year they host The Living Rare, Living Stronger NORD Patient and Family forum, a patient focused conference. The 2019 Living Rare, Living Stronger NORD Patient & Family Forum will bring the rare community together with physicians, medical students, and allied health professionals for …

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Psychiatrists play a pivotal role in the diagnosis and treatment of AE

Psychiatrists play a pivotal role in the diagnosis and treatment of AE. As psychiatric symptoms often dominate the symptoms that occur at onset of this disease, patients may present initially to a psychiatrist who are tasked with identifying abnormal features of psychosis presentations, including alterations in mental status, seizures, and dysautonomia, which may prompt consideration …

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Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Meeting 2019

This is a two-day international meeting on 5-6 June 2019 for clinicians and scientists looking to appreciate the breadth of translational autoimmune neurology. This inaugural meeting will cover the clinical features of CNS and PNS diseases, methodological aspects of immunological assays, applied T and B cell pathophysiology, and questions relating to immunological tolerance. By being …

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Charity’s journey with Autoimmune Encephalitis

On #RareDiseaseDay Charity shares her journey with Autoimmune Encephalitis: March 2018 was like every other year, I was preparing to do my spring cleaning. My husband Patrick and I, had our birthday celebrations and all our visitors had left to go home. I woke up and thought that it was a great day to start cleaning so I got out my cleaning supply bucket and cleaning supplies, recruited …

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