Medicine Assistance Tool

August 21, 2020

The AE community is all too familiar with insurance companies denying coverage for treatments and the cumbersome appeals process they must undergo to get that much-needed treatment. These denials and appeals take up a lot of time & energy and produce frustration and uncertainty. These complications come on top of fighting the disease itself and caring for your loved one. We want to share a resource that helps navigate the complex healthcare system – the Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT).

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), who represents the nation’s top innovative biopharmaceutical research companies, created MAT to provide a dedicated search-engine for users to review various biopharmaceuticals industry financial assistance resources available to eligible patients.

MAT is a free-to-use search-engine that focuses its searches on patient assistance resources available to eligible patients. MAT gives patients, loved ones, and healthcare providers a single point of access to hundreds of public and private assistance programs that connect them with more transparent information about the cost of medicine.

MAT is the result of an ongoing effort between PhRMA, healthcare providers, pharmacists, patient advocacy organizations, and community groups interested in helping patients access the information they need as they navigate a complex and sometimes overwhelming healthcare system. MAT’s focus is to help people who visit the site be more aware of the various programs that make prescriptions more affordable for those in need.