May is AEA Research Network Month: What is it?

May 2, 2022

AEA Research Network Month is when the AE Alliance focuses on research funding, collaborations and AE research awareness.

What’s our goal?

  1. Raise funds for the 2023 Seed Grant Program.
  2. Provide you, the AEA Community a strong understanding of the huge importance of research and AE.

What can you expect during May 2022?

  1. A better understanding of the AEA Research Network and Community Seed Grant Program.
  2. Updates from the 2021 Community Seed Grant recipients.
  3. Updates in current research.
  4. Opportunities to learn more about AE.
  5. Requests to donate to the 2023 Seed Grant Program.

How can you ensure you don’t miss out?

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, follow us!

Not a social media person? Check our blog daily. We may not post everyday but it could be a busy month.

Support the Research Network today and fund research focused on the diagnosis, management, and outcomes of individuals with autoimmune encephalitis.

Together, we can change the course of AE.