Happy 5th birthday to Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance

December 18, 2017

The AE Alliance turned five years old yesterday!  Five years ago on Dec. 17, two families that had kids with AE came together in hopes that they could start something to help others suffering from this little-understood disease.  The vision was to not only disseminate information to help patients but also to give support to families and care-givers and to provide information to scientific and medical circles; all with the greatest goal of providing a community for everyone affected by AE to find a place of support.

A birthday present you ask? Please share this post with all of your social media connections and ask them if they would be willing to donate a dollar to AEA.  You can start the ball rolling by supporting patients and families through a donation.  We take great care to be good stewards of your donations and stretch these dollars to make the greatest impact possible on patient care, medical education, and research fronts.  An example of how we spend funds: in late 2017 we formed a new Medical Advisory Committee  consisting of leading clinicians, researchers, and other experts in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of autoimmune encephalitis. Their work continues to help press forward research on treatment protocols, the establishment of an international AE database, and to ensure that AEA puts forth sound medical information to the public. Click here to see those doctors that are generously donating their time.

Thank you for being there for others and giving reason to celebrate 5 years of helping those in need!