Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board replaced the long-serving Scientific Planning Committee in November of 2017. This committee consists of leading clinicians, researchers, and other experts in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of autoimmune encephalitis. Their work continues to help press forward research on treatment protocols, the establishment of an international AE database, and to ensure that AEA puts forth sound medical information to the public. We are grateful for each member’s generous service.

Members of the Medical Advisory Board

Dr. William Gallentine – co-chair
Dr. Heather Van Mater – co-chair
Dr. Anusha Yeshokumar – co-chair

Dr. Susanne Benseler
Dr. Tania Cellucci
Dr. Russell Dale
Dr. Mark Gorman
Dr. Helen Egger
Dr. Sarosh Irani
Dr. Jonathan Kuo
Dr. Eric Lancaster
Dr. Eyal Muscal
Dr. Souhel Najjar
Dr. Kendall Nash
Dr. Sean Pittock
Dr. Myrna Rosenfeld
Dr. Maarten Titulaer
Dr. Cynthia Wang
Dr. Elizabeth Wells