Celebrating Partnership: EUROIMMUN Neuroimmunology Summit

May 5, 2022

Thank you EUROIMMUN for inviting the AE Alliance family to attend the EUROIMMUN Neuroimmunology Summit. All AE Alliance Clinicians and Support Network members are invited to attend this one-day virtual summit bringing together neurologic medical experts from across the United States. The topics to be discussed include:

  • Updated guidelines for the diagnosis of neuroimmunology conditions
  • Detection of autoimmune neurology disorders in adults, pediatrics, and psychiatric patients
  • Laboratory testing requirements for detection and diagnosis of neuroimmunology related conditions

This event will feature 14 medical experts engaging in educational talks in addition to live panel discussions.

Register now for this free of charge event!

Learn more about the EUROIMMUN and AE Alliance partnership.

EUROIMMUNE is an AE Alliance partner. Through our partnership, EUROIMMUN sponsors AE Family Day as well as handing out Service Awards for a patient/caregiver and doctor/researcher that significantly impact on the lives of those affected with AE.  In 2020, EUROIMMUN provided the presentation below to launch the AEA Research Network.

Partner Focus: EUROIMMUNBlog Post September 3, 2021.

AE Research Insight – Discovering new autoantibodies in AE.Video Presentation w/ Dr. Stanley Naides and Dr. Iswariya Venkataraman. Launched the Research Network in 2020.

Thank you EUROIMMUNE for an outstanding partnership in patient support and programming.