AEA Community Seed Grant Program – 2023 Recipients

August 15, 2023

The AE Alliance is honored to receive 27 grant applications for this year’s program. We received applications from 7 countries and 17 states within the US. While research proposals and topics varied, all proposals were similar due to the requirement that all proposed studies must have direct implications for patients with AE.

To learn more about the grant application required components, review process and expectations from grant recipients, click here.

Awarded grant values vary from year to year based on the funds raised by the AEA community the previous year. In 2022, the AEA community donated $20,000 to fund the three grants awarded this year.

Meet this year’s recipients and learn more about their research by clicking the images below.

It’s never too late to contribute to future AEA Community Seed Grants and fund studies with direct implications for patients with AE. Click here and donate today!

Thank you to the entire AE Alliance community for the commitment to changing the course of AE. Thank you to the researchers applying for the AEA Community Seed Grant program and to the AE Alliance community, friends and family members for donating to the AEA Research Network. It is your donations that allow us to fund research focused on improving the lives of people living with AE.

Together, we are changing the course of AE.