World Encephalitis Day 2020 Conference

November 29, 2019

AE Alliance is proud to be joining forces with The Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation, Encephalitis 411, the Encephalitis Society, HESA, and Encephalitis Global in organizing the World Encephalitis Day 2020 Conference in Dallas, TX.

The World Encephalitis Day 2020 Conference welcomes survivors and caregivers to attend and interact while celebrating World Encephalitis Day. We feel very fortunate to have a great speaker line-up. Dr. Steven Verino, Dr. Cynthia Wang and Dr. Weir (UT Southwestern) will be sharing their approach to (autoimmune) encephalitis care and discuss their current research. Stephen Cock will elaborate on psychological and neurocognitive function. Maddy Boehme, Sonia Gramco, Chris Maxwell and Jacob Savoie will share their (autoimmune) encephalitis journey. Through their insights, we hope to improve the world’s understanding of the impact of encephalitis and autoimmune encephalitis.

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The group of six nonprofits has been working together on various projects for some time now because as you all know when it comes to advocating for a rare disease it is all in the numbers. Each nonprofit brings their expertise and passion to the table, thereby creating an even bigger impact for all our communities.