The AE Alliance Introduces the AEA Provider Monthly Didactic + Case Discussion Series

June 28, 2024

The AE Alliance and Medical Advisory Board (MAB) are excited to announce our new AEA Monthly Didactic + Case Discussion series.

The AE Alliance hosted its inaugural Challenging Case Conference in February 2023. Every alternating month, the MAB and Clinicians Network members were invited to deliberate on challenging cases and explore innovative diagnostic and treatment strategies. This exclusive, non-recorded session was designed to allow an in-depth discussion on the complex nature of these conditions, while upholding patient confidentiality.

Based on participant feedback, we are enhancing our Challenging Case Conference, now a monthly physician education series. This new format includes autoimmune encephalitis specialists providing a 30-minute didactic, coupled with a 30-minute case discussion. We will announce the monthly topics in advance, offering those with relevant cases an opportunity to present their patients, continuing a tradition from our previous format. The focus will be on challenging cases, as well as those that emphasize crucial clinical features, differentials, treatments, or outcomes.

Our objective is to enrich the entire AEA community, which includes clinicians dealing with a handful of AE cases yearly, field experts, and affected individuals and families. Simultaneously, we plan to work alongside neuroimmunology training programs, carefully coordinating monthly topics with essential subject areas. This approach ensures the optimal benefit for trainees as they progress in their courses.

The live-sessions continue to include providers only. However, we are making their content accessible to the entire AEA community by recording the didactic sessions. These recorded sessions are available for review and can be accessed by (1) clicking here and (2) FILTER BY AEA Monthly Didactic.

The AEA Monthly Didactic + Case Discussion series benefits greatly from the invaluable contributions of our committed autoimmune encephalitis experts. These professionals volunteer their precious time, sharing their profound wisdom and enriching our understanding. Their expertise not only enhances our knowledge but also makes a measurable impact on everyone present. We sincerely acknowledge their contributions.