AE patient stars in commercial for Ronald McDonald House

February 9, 2016

Hailey and her brother Brenden at a Philly's Game
Hailey and her brother Brenden at a Philly’s Game

Hailey Bekos and her family star alongside Cody Calafiore, a former contestant from CBS’s “Big Brother,” to promote Philadelphia’s Ronald McDonald House. Hailey is a 15 year old recovering from autoimmune encephalitis. When she first contracted the disease two years ago she lost the ability to walk, talk, and control her body. Now, thanks to treatment and her inner strength, she has learned to walk and talk and has regained her life. Her family spent 254 days at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, and their gratitude for other’s generosity and for their doctors’ care is expressed in the video. The Bekoses continue to be supporters of the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance. Enjoy a heart-warming story and Hailey’s infectious smile at Hailey and the Ronald McDonald House

This commercial for Channel 3’s phone bank for the Ronald McDonald House originally ran in March, but it was just brought to our attention. A special thank you to Jeff Bekos, anchor Jessica Dean, and CBS Channel 3 in Philadelphia for their help with this story and video.