Good News!

June 22, 2021

In 2018 Lisa, Marie’s mom, shared her daughter’s journey with AE on our website. Today, she is happy to share an exciting update. 

Marie’s has come a long way from her hospital stay in 2018 with the medication changes. This has made a big difference in 2019, the medication took about a year to adjust to see her focus improve. My daughter will be graduating in 2022 from high school. Presently is making straight A’s in the program suited for those who will either start the workforce or attend a community college. During the height of the pandemic we struggled with anxiety as everything was online. Once we figured out a strategy in learning her test scores improved. Her tests timing was shortened along with making them multiple choice with some abbreviated answers. Reading was put in smaller segments for comprehension with the focus for understanding. We talked to her teachers telling them how to alter the material to give Marie’s brain a chance to heal. Marie’s anxiety started to decrease. She attended cooking class for the year, math (Algebra), English, Biology, Art and Health class. The program she is attending is geared for those who have focus issues and others significant disabilities to academic learning. The program is called NCVPS OCS learning program an online and in class studies. My daughter could attend class when she felt good and other days online to do her schoolwork in a normal school year. This fall she will be attending in person. 

We started walking over 2 miles a day. The exercise helped to relax, the fresh air kept us staying healthy. The summer weather will bring swimming in the pool. Marie is making meals, following cooking instructions, she loved art class and helps mom with chores without being told what to do like sorting the laundry. She will be getting a job coach to get ready for the next steps. We are excited as she blossoms. 

 I know coming to North Carolina seeking the guidance from the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance was the best strategy. We will take every day being grateful for every step of regaining life back. Never give up. Keep the faith. Medicine and treatments are ever changing giving us new hope. 


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