Florence Forth Virtual: A How To From The Experts! #3

February 8, 2022

Thank you Lisa and Jackie for sharing your 2021 Florence Forth Virtual experiences on social media after the event and for providing expert tips for this year.

What makes someone an expert? They’ve done it!

The Florence Forth Virtual Event is an opportunity for you to get involved, celebrate your heroes, raise funds and awareness about autoimmune encephalitis. How you choose to create your virtual event is up to you ~ alone, with friends, with a team, a walk, a run, a picnic, wearing a cape or team t-shirts. It is your event!

These experts shared their experience on social media after the 2021 event. Both are participating again this year and let us know their 2022 plans as well as tips for first timers.

Thank you Jackie and Lisa!

Q1 Hi Lisa, do you plan to participate in Florence Forth Virtual Event 2022?

A1 Yes.

Q2 What are your plans?

A2 I I live in a little mountain town so I’m hoping to organize a cross country ski outing with some friends.

Q3 Any tips for a new participant?

A3 No matter where you live, or what your abilities are, I encourage you to get out and move however you can, to raise awareness for AE. 

Q1 Hi Jackie, do you plan to participate in Florence Forth Virtual Event 2022?

A1 I hope to attend Florence Forth in person this year, because it’s such an important event for the AEA and for an AE survivor, like me, that I want to show my support in person! If life, Covid, and the spin of the universe don’t allow me to get to Durham on March 5, I will participate virtually in Bismarck, ND.

Q2 What are your plans?

A2 I like to participate in memorial and fundraising walks with my entire family. If we’re all together in Bismarck, I will walk with my husband and three young children, and hopefully I can find capes for all of us!

Q3 Any tips for a new participant?

A3 If this is your first time doing the Florence Forth Virtual event, I encourage you to have fun with it where you are! I know for certain that AE is anything but fun, so it’s important to cherish the little things and small moments where you can find them. Enjoying some time with your family or to yourself, walking inside or outside, is a great way to celebrate the life of Florence McDow and what her legacy means to AE survivors.

Hope you join us for the 2022 Florence Forth Virtual Event. We look forward to seeing your pictures.

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