“Life After Encephalitis” a new book by Dr. Ava Easton March 16, 2016

Dr. Ava Easton, a health scientist and researcher specializing in encephalitis, acquired brain injury, and neuro-narratives, and a friend of the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance, has recently published a book titled Life After Encephalitis: A Narrative Approach. We are grateful that she contacted us about sharing this important work with patients, friends, caregivers and the medical community. Life After Encephalitis provides […]

“The Healthy Mind Cookbook” by Rebecca Katz September 8, 2017

Rebecca Katz, a nationally known nutritionist, chef, and speaker has published “The Healthy Mind Cookbook.” Rebecca has collected numerous accolades, including having worked with the nation’s top wellness experts, as well as being featured in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, the Oprah Show, and NPR. She has sorted through the large and growing volume of […]

Long-term neurobehavioral outcomes in Autoimmune Encephalitis November 15, 2017

One of the first studies on long-term neurobehavioral outcomes in patients affected by AE will be presented by Anusha Yeshokumar, MD, during the upcoming Encephalitis Society meeting in London. This may be difficult news for some AE patients, however at times it is comforting to know that what one suffers is not unusual. The study found that […]

Music, memory, and neurorehabilitation December 27, 2017

For many AE patients and family members, time seems to stand still during the long hours spent in the hospital, infusion centers, traveling, or even at home while recovering. This might be eased by the simple pleasure of listening to music. While classical or jazz may be pleasant to one patient, it might not be for […]

Understanding Consequences of Encephalitis June 18, 2019

We would like to invite all AE patients to participate in a study which surveys for symptoms following encephalitis. The study is being led by Dr. Venkatesan at Johns Hopkins University in collaboration with Dr. Yeshokumar at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. While encephalitis may result in the development of a number of persistent symptoms, […]

Music & the Brain February 3, 2021

For many AE patients and family members, time seems to stand still during the long hours spent in the hospital, infusion centers, traveling, or even at home while recovering. Listening to music is not only a great way to pass the time, but it can take you to a ‘different’ place, ease your mind and […]

Holistic Healthcare February 17, 2021

We have had the pleasure of having Dr. Joe Lindley speak at our South Support Group meeting in January. Dr. Lindley is a holistic health practitioner who has been in practice for over 40 years. He is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and applied kinesiologist who utilizes homeopathy, therapeutic nutrition, and mind-body balancing techniques with his patients. […]

#AskMeAboutAE March 1, 2021

This Rare Disease Day, and in honor of Brain Awareness Month, HESA and AE Alliance have come together, to kick off our #AskMeAboutAE campaign, visualizing the consequences of autoimmune encephalitis. No one understands the daily struggles like you and your caregivers. You experience the consequences of AE every day. It is important to talk about […]

Outcomes after AE – #AskMeAboutAE March 10, 2021

At the WED Conference we heard Dr. Tom Pollak talk about how after encephalitis you need to establish a new relationship with your body and brain. He cited research that after encephalitis, people are twice as likely to develop an anxiety disorder, nearly three times as likely to become depressed, and 114 times as likely […]

Refuel You July 26, 2021

Refuel You is a 10-week health and wellness program to help rejuvenate you following your AE journey. This online program incorporates movement, mindfulness, group support, and health coaching.  We have aimed this first cohort at our caregivers because we all know AE affects the whole family. Normally this program would cost $300 per person for ten […]