Neurology conference includes special meeting on autoimmune neurology

October 10, 2017

Well-known pioneer in the field of autoimmune encephalitis, Josep Dalmau, reported that interest in the emerging field of autoimmune neurology has increased enough to warrant its first focused section meeting at the annual American Academy of Neurology conference this year. He stated that ongoing studies are providing new information on the pathologic mechanisms of action that disturb neurologic function, causing a wide variety of diseases, including AE. Dr. Dalmau is the editor of a new journal founded in 2014, NeurologyNeuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation focused on the study of these diseases . Articles of interest to the AE community this month include one on CSPR2 AE, in which Joubert et al report the discovery that some patients have episodes of ataxia, previously not recognized as part of the syndrome and highly responsive to immunotherapy . In addition, Dr. Probasco et al provided a review of some of the updated information on FDG-PET scans in AE patients . Lastly, of potential interest is new research on the gut microbiome and the possibility that it may play a role in multiple sclerosis . At AEA we will keep a close watch on this new journal as Dr. Dalmau noted that there are many excellent manuscripts being published in the field of autoimmune neurology.

Post by Lynn Chapman