Jacqueline McClain – Secretary

Jacquie has twenty years experience working in corporate management and Six Sigma.  She currently works as a real estate investor and property manager.

Jacquie’s son suddenly became special needs child the week of his fourth birthday in 1999.  Ten years later, her son was diagnosed with PANDAS and was successfully treated with IVIG.  He became an honor student and went to college.  When the illness returned in 2014, it came back to take his life.  Her son suffered multiple bouts of AE for about five years.  He began monthly IVIG treatments in 2019 and is doing well.    

Jacquie knows the despair of undiagnosed illness and the painful reality of long-term illness.  She is excited about the AE Alliance because of the resources and support it provides to those who are suffering.  She desires to offer encouragement as we hold out hope for healing.     

Jacquie and her husband, Keith, have a blended family of six children and six grandchildren.  They live in Summerfield, NC.  They enjoy adventure traveling, home renovations, hiking and other outdoor activities.