Carrie Painter

Carrie has been involved in the AE Alliance and the Florence Forth race since its early days as the coordinator of a Family Luncheon for families following the Florence Forth race, as a runner and then joining the board in 2017. Her 20+ year career has included consulting, finance, and business operations roles in for-profit as well as not-for-profit organizations. Her work both professionally and in the community keeps Carrie quite busy and she balances this with spending time with her husband Rusty and son Ben exploring all the wonderful things Durham, NC has to offer.

Why are you involved with AE Alliance?

While I don’t have a family connection to the disease, I have been inspired by friends and physicians who have battled AE firsthand. I have heard heartbreaking stories of isolation and pain from the families AND the physicians as they navigate the complexities of this disease. I am honored to be a part of this passionate and talented team working to ensure that no one faces AE alone by connecting families and physicians around the world.