Dr. Anusha K. Yeshokumar is an autoimmune neurologist who takes care of children and adults with autoimmune encephalitis and related disorders at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. Her research focuses on understanding outcomes after autoimmune encephalitis and identifying clinical and biologic factors associated with these outcomes.

Why are you involved with AE Alliance?

Through my clinical and research experiences, I have learned about many of the challenges that patients with AE face from initial diagnosis, during the acute treatment phase, and throughout recovery. I first became familiar with the AE Alliance through medical conferences and quickly realized the significant mutual benefit that could come from a research collaboration with the organization and its readership. Over the years, I have jumped at opportunities to work with the AE Alliance in various capacities because of our aligned interests in educating physicians and patients on AE and fostering a sense of community among those affected by AE. I am now honored to serve on the board as well as lead for the Research subcommittee of the Medical Advisory Board.