Aaron Dewees

Dr. Aaron Dewees is a Neonatal physician in Evansville, Indiana and serves as the medical director for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Ascension St. Vincent. He graduated from Georgetown College (Georgetown, KY) and the University of Louisville School of Medicine (Louisville, Kentucky). In addition, Dr. Dewees spent 12 years in the United States Army and served a combat tour during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007. He is a husband and father of six. The family enjoys being outdoors, being active, and spending time together.

Why are you involved with AE Alliance?

In early 2019 our son Luke spent nearly 3 months in and out of hospitals fighting autoimmune encephalitis. He has now recovered and is a healthy, active, thriving teenager. During this difficult time we were blessed to have outstanding medical care, wonderful friends, loving family, and a supportive community of faith. In addition, the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance provided valuable information and assistance to our family and we are very appreciative of all they do for families and physicians dealing with this terrible disease. In September 2019 the Dewees family organized & executed the “Brain on Fire 5K” that raised $25,000 for AEA. Dr. Dewees joins the AEA board to continue giving back and further the mission of the alliance.