Whether you sign up for the NYC marathon, set up a bake sale, or host your own fundraiser, you are making a difference in the lives of those affected by autoimmune encephalitis.

Ways to fundraise:

Start your own online fundraiser.

Wine tasting, auction, block party, school fundraiser, run, hike, swim challenge, bake sale, movie night, corporate challenge, art workshop, and more. Turn your passions into a mission and support AE Alliance. Create your fundraiser using this link, and invite other to join your campaign.


Host an information session in your community, and raise AE Awareness.

Talking about your experience with AE is very insightful for others unfamiliar with this disease. We have come up with an ‘AE Awareness tool box’, which you can use for your informational session, making it easy for you to organize and fundraise. Email us for more information.

Fundraising Ideas for Children

We know that autoimmune encephalitis impacts everyone in the family, young and old, in different ways. Here are some fundraising ideas for kids:

Make Your Birthday More Meaningful

Ask your birthday party guests to make a donation to AE Alliance.

Pay It Forward

Babysit, mow lawns, shovel snow, pet-sit — you name it — and donate a portion or all of your earnings to AE Alliance.

Brain Change

Hold a coin drive by placing canisters in places around your community to collect money for AE Alliance (be sure to ask for permission first). Or start collecting all of the change in your own house and see how quickly it adds up!

Set Up Shop

Coordinate a bake sale or lemonade stand at a sporting event, concert, or in your neighborhood and make a big sign to let people know the money raised will benefit AE Alliance. Car washes and yard sales are also a great way to raise money. Or if you’re crafty, make something like jewelry that you can sell.