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The Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance (the AE Alliance) has created the AE Clinicians Network to connect families, patients and medical professionals with clinicians who have experience diagnosing, treating and caring for autoimmune encephalitis. The AE Clinicians Network provides a listing of doctors and medical professionals who have self-reported as having this type of experience. Click on a clinicians name (below) to see contact and experience information as reported by the clinician.

Clinicians who wish to be listed in the Network should use the Clinician Submission Form. Please email the AE Alliance if information related to the AE Clinicians Network is incorrect or outdated.

DISCLAIMER: The AE Alliance has verified each clinician’s willingness to be listed in the AE Clinicians Network, but cannot certify the accuracy of all information provided by the clinicians. Patients and families are responsible for determining the best clinical option for their individual needs and are encouraged to consult multiple sources in deciding on a medical team. The AE Alliance does not give medical advice or provide medical services and does not recommend or refer individuals to any healthcare professional or recommend any specific treatment for autoimmune encephalitis or other disorders.


Contact Patient Type Location Distance

Patrick Whelan, MD PhD


UCLA Pediatric Rheumatology

California, United States

7,336 mi

Anastasie Dunn-Pirio, MD, MS


University of California San Diego Health

California, United States

7,368 mi

Jennifer Graves, MD, PhD, MAS

Adult, Pediatric

UCSD (adult) and Rady Children's (pediatric)

California, United States

7,381 mi

Jody Corey-Bloom, MD, PhD


UCSD Medical Center

California, United States

7,381 mi

Galeno Rojas, MD


Sanatorio de la Trinidad Mitre. Hospital Británico. Fundación Favaloro.


7,587 mi