Caregiver Only Support Group

Monday, July 29th, 7:00 PM Eastern

The AEA Caregivers Only Support Group invites family and friends providing care for someone with AE to share with other caregivers the unique experience of supporting someone living with a rare disease.  While we anticipate sharing lessons learned from AE diagnosis, treatment and recovery, we are committed to focusing on you, the caregiver, and the importance of creating time and space for your health and well-being.   Our leaders are guided by hope, encouragement and the importance of self-care for the caregiver.

This peer-led, Caregivers Only support group was initiated at the request of members of the AEA Regional Support Group community. 

This support group is led by Linda and Jacquie.

Email and request to register for the Caregiver Support Group Meeting.

Please note: All AE Alliance support groups are peer-led and do not provide medical advice. Our support groups offer an opportunity for patients and caregivers to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, and firsthand information about AE and/or treatments. Each person’s situation is unique and we do not suggest that there is a single, standard way of navigating the illness. All attendees respect and value the privacy of every participant and agree not to share or disseminate any personal information of other AE Alliance support group attendees.

Location: Zoom

Type: Audience Specific Support Group - Open Discussion