Today is World Encephalitis Day February 22, 2016

World Encephalitis Day is February, 22, each year – just remember 222. This is a day for all of us affected by encephalitis, whether we are patients, family members, doctors, researchers, or caregivers, to come together and talk about our experiences with brain inflammation and the many forms it takes. While we at the Autoimmune […]

AEA Newsletter December 2019 December 1, 2019

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AEA Newsletter April 2020 April 1, 2020

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Meet Dr. Soon-Tae Lee! May 14, 2021

Dr. Soon-Tae Lee (Seoul National University Hospital – South-Korea) has been awarded the AEA Community Seed Grant to investigate the Development of optimal clinical approaches in seronegative autoimmune encephalitis. Learn more about his study and how this will affect those affected with seronegative autoimmune encephalitis (AE). You have been awarded the AEA Community Seed Grant, can […]

What are the most effective treatments for NMDAR-antibody encephalitis? September 21, 2021

Use and Safety of Immunotherapeutic Management of N-Methyl-d-Aspartate Receptor Antibody Encephalitis: A Meta-analysis This paper results from the hard work, dedication, and collaboration between the International NMDAR-antibody Encephalitis Consensus Group and other experts in the field, led by Dr. Margherita Nosadini, Dr. Michael Eyre, and Dr. Ming Lim. The paper aims to answer what treatments are […]