AE 101 with Dr. Dana Mitchell

June 3, 2022

Thank you Dr. Mitchell for a clear and engaging explanation of the what happens in the body with AE.

Thank you to the AEA Northeast Support Group for recommending Dr. Mitchell as a presenter.

Thank you to everyone for your attendance, great questions and feedback.

This post includes an overview of the presentation, participant feedback and a link to the presentation.

What to Expect from AE 101

What People Are Saying about AE 101

This is such a great presentation!!! So much easier to understand. I wish I had this years ago when I was up at Cleveland Clinic!

Please tell Dr. Mitchell thank you so much on behalf myself and my mom. This has been so amazing!

Great presentation. Thanks to all who help put this on … especially to Dr. Mitchell.

Thanks so much. This has been invaluable for me. I’m waiting to get my daughter seen at TCH and listening to Dana speak and explain this has really confirmed our suspicions of AE.

Thank you for an awesome presentation and for your invaluable insights into this very debilitating disease. Hope you will have some time for us in the future also.

Dana was really good about talking about how AE, onset, treatment, and recovery is all different person to person. And how this discussion just reinforces what other doctors have said all along with those of us in the groups.

Enjoy AE 101 with Dr. Dana Mitchell

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