Photo by Luis Llerena

Your experience helps others find doctors that treat autoimmune encephalitis


Did you know that the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance has a “Clinicians Network” which helps patients find doctors around the globe? We need your help expanding this network. If you are a patient, caregiver, family member, or physician and had a positive experience with a medical professional that treats AE, please write to him/her and ask that he/she join our network, or email his/her name and contact information to us at [email protected]. It only takes a couple of minutes of  their time to fill out the clinician submission form but this small action will have positive repercussions throughout the lives of hundreds of  those suffering from AE. As with all of our offerings, this service is free of charge for patients and the physicians.

With each new doctor added to our network, we not only increase the chances of early diagnosis and treatment (which research shows to produce the best recovery outcomes),but also raise awareness of the disease which then perpetuates more doctor affiliates and even more awareness – an ever increasing cycle of good. All too often we receive requests from patients who live in areas in which we do not have a doctor in our network. This often means that patients and their families have to travel great distances (sometimes multiple states away) to receive care, or even worse, must forego care altogether because they cannot afford to travel such distances. There are needs for doctors across the country, even in large cities where well-known medical centers exist.We are working hard to increase the number of medical professionals in our network, including contacting physician associations and groups to get the word out about the network. Those of you with direct contact though, provide the best connections.

Thank you for paying it forward!