Elizabeth Teisberg and Scott Wallace developed the experience-group format to learn from patients and how they are dealing with their health conditions. PHOTO: ILANA PANICH-LINSMAN FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Wall Street Journal reports sharing group health stories allows for insight for doctors

Rachel Emma Silverman from the Wall Street Journal reports that health care providers who organize patient discussion groups are finding that vast amounts of information are to be gained. They are asking patients with similar conditions to share stories. The idea behind these “experience groups” is to elicit insights about illnesses, with the goal of understanding and addressing unmet needs that may be holding back these patient populations. “People are willing to discuss things very frankly,” says Elizabeth Teisberg, a professor at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas, Austin, who developed the methodology about a decade ago, along with Scott Wallace, co-director of the medical school’s Value Institute for Health and Care. Visit the Health Insights to read the full story.