Valentine’s Day

Most of our attention over the past 6 – 8 weeks have been directed towards the Florence Forth road race.  Today we wanted to offer a trip down memory lane from Valentines Day 2012.

Happy Valentines Day

Two years ago, Leslie and Florence’s Pops combined to write this blog post. This was Florence’s last big effort. Two days later she got really sick and never recovered.

In the past, this day has had strange pressures to do things out of the ordinary to show love. But today, I see it as a day to remind us to show love to all who support us. Not just our spouse or kids but teachers, classmates, floor mates who are sick too, nurses, doctors…. it’s a day of kindness. To remind us to show kindness.

Pops wrote the following on how Valentine’s Day inspired Florence this morning at 3:50am!

“I followed the cardinal rule: Sleep when she (Florence) sleeps. She was asleep when I arrived (at 8:30pm) and I went straight to sleep. She woke up before midnight and I got in the bed with her. She slept until 3:50 when she announced ‘no more nap.’

“We got up and dressed her to deliver Valentines to all of the kids on the floor. Jarah (fantastic nurse!) was a big help. She said we needed to sneak up on the rooms so they would be surprised to have a Valentine when they woke up. We put the Valentines in a bag that Flo could carry. We then gowned up and Flo, Pops, Jarah and Mr. IV Pole started on our way.

“She (Florence) completely bought into the concept of not letting the other patients hear us! We stopped at each door and I was thankful that Leslie had put the Valentines in room order. We went to the far end of the hall and back to her end. We were going to give Jarah her Valentine but she said she needed to find her Valentine box which lured Florence back to the far end of the hall. She made that delivery and came back to her room. She did this without crying once! She was very intent on making the deliveries. This was a great way to start the day!”

This day encouraged my 6 year old out of her bed at 4am to make special deliveries of cards that she made to kids who are sick like her and she doesn’t even know. Forget gray weather. Forget feeling tired. Feel inspired! Feel delighted and thankful! Let this bring a smile to your face as it does to mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!