Top 8 (fun and goofy) reasons to run/walk Florence Forth on March 5

We’ve had quite a few informative and serious blogs posts over the past couple of months so now it is time for some fun. Need more reasons to participate in Florence Forth? Well, here ya go:


  1. Time to cash in that “free back rub” coupon your significant other gave you for Valentine’s Day. Come run and bring your honey as he/she will have to be nice to you all day since you volunteered for a great cause. 
  2. The race shirts are fantastic: V-neck and cropped sleeve for the women and a technical fit for the guys. Shirts are made of quick-dry fabric in a heathered sage color. No one needs to be seen in that baggy old “Team Building Exercise 1999” XXL cotton t-shirt you are still sportin’.
  3. Don’t think of the race as the higher numbered 5K, think of it as only 3 miles, and certainly don’t think of it as a 10K when it is really only 6 miles.
  4. Both races start at 8 a.m. Just imagine, you will be finished with your exercise for the day and have a coffee in hand as early as 8:15 a.m. (if you, ahem, run a 5 minute per mile pace). If you are human like the rest of us, you will still be finished and have a coffee in what will feel like no time at all. Plus, you have all day (and year) to be proud of your accomplishment.
  5. You are only a run away from a good mood!
  6. Did you let your New Year’s resolution slide? Well, each year the “settlers of Catan” celebrate New Year’s Day on March 5*. Time to re-start your new year’s resolution.* We’ve no idea when the fictional  settlers of this board game celebrate New Year’s Day.
  7. Participation is a classic win, win, win. You’ll support people with a terrible disease, you’ll get to exercise, and you’ll get to celebrate your success with lots of others who share in your giving spirit.
  8. Hope, hope, hope! When you run, volunteer, or cheer on participants you give hope to those suffering from autoimmune encephalitis. The disease is treatable, and your generous giving makes more comfort, support, and hope possible so that no one faces this disease alone.

The 4th annual Florence Forth run/walk race and the AE Family Lunch are this coming Saturday, March 5, in Durham, NC. This event celebrates the life of Florence McDow, who at six years old passed away from autoimmune encephalitis. It is also an opportunity for survivors, families, and supporters of ending this disease to gather for fellowship and fun in support of one another. All proceeds from the race go towards the work of the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance whose mission promotes collaboration to improve care, find a cure, and create community so that no one faces autoimmune encephalitis alone.