Research Network

The fierce and collaborative response of pharmaceutical companies, researchers and other stakeholders to explore treatments and develop a vaccine to combat the Coronavirus, shows a lot can be achieved by working together on a common goal.

More and more pharmaceutical companies are expressing an interest in AE. AE Alliance has a broad and international base of physicians and researchers on both their Medical Advisory Board and Clinicians Network. And by uniting patients, survivors, caregivers, and others interested in AE, in the AEA Research Network, we can work across the board to push AE Research forward.

By joining the Research Network, you will not only invest in research but become an active part of it. 

Together, we can change the course of AE.

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Invest with us!

We’ve created an infographic to make it easy to let others know how important it is to invest in research. Download a printable PDF to hand out to neighbors and coworkers, or download a graphic to share on social media!

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