“Miracle Flights” provides free medical flights to specialized care and second opinions

“Miracle Flights for Kids” is a Las Vegas based non-profit that provides free medical flight to kids and their families to see specialized caregivers and to seek second opinions. Miracle Flights contacted AEA last year and asked if we would help spread the word about their work. Their mission is “to improve access to health care by providing financial assistance to low income children [and their caregivers] for commercial air travel to obtain special medical care; to promote awareness of our services through targeted outreach programs; to enlist the help of community-minded people through strategic calls to action.”

The vision to help children and families in need of specialized care far from home came to fruition in the heart and mind of Miracle Flights founder Ann McGee. Thousands of donors and volunteers across the U.S. combined to make her vision a reality, and to date, Miracle Flights has coordinated more than 97,000 flights and 53 million miles of medical air travel. It is Miracle Flights’ goal to remove barriers to healthcare access and improve the quality of life for our children. Founded in 1985, Miracle Flights assures families with limited financial resources that their sick child is not without options. Children in need of out-of-state medical care or second opinions may be eligible to receive air travel assistance through Miracle Flights, at no cost and as many times as needed. 

Please visit their website at Miracle Flights for more information.


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