Finding a Cure


A New Model of Care

The Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance envisions a new model of care that is truly multidisciplinary and collaborative across medical specialties including neurology, rheumatology, psychiatry, neuropsychology,  immunology, pediatrics, internal medicine, rehabilitation medicine, infectious disease and allied specialties including nursing, clinical social work, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy.  All of these specialties play a critical role in the treatment and recovery of people with autoimmune encephalitis (AE).

A new model of care will require knowledge from many sources: from clinicians who care for patients with this illness, from scientists conducting basic and clinical research, and from patients with AE and their families. Advancing our understanding of and treatment for AE depends on collaboration among all of these sources.

The AE Alliance Scientific Advisory Committee has begun work on protocols and criteria for a certification program that will validate levels of clinical care for AE. Stay tuned as this exciting program develops.

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