Encephalitis Experts to Gather in London

Leading experts from around the world will descend on London for the 2017 Encephalitis Conference on December 4, sponsored by the UK-based Encephalitis Society.  The Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance is sponsoring lunch for attendees. Professionals with backgrounds ranging from etiology and pathogenesis through to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation, will be on hand to share their latest findings and build networks and relationships. Various topics on all forms of encephalitis will be covered by the international panel of speakers. Several will be focused on autoimmune encephalitis.  Registration is free to all medical professionals who are members of the ES. For more information visit http://www.encephalitis.info/conference.

We are pleased support our colleagues at the Encephalitis Society, and their dedication to finding a cure for encephalitis of all forms.

Post by Lynn Chapman