Author: Kimberley de Haseth

Ask the Panel

AE Alliance receives questions on a daily basis from patients and caregivers on diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and research. Sometimes these questions are very specific, but often they will apply to a lot of patients and caregivers. Starting in October, we will have a new segment in our newsletter: Ask the Panel. Your question will be …

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Comparing autoantibody-negative and autoantibody-positive Autoimmune Encephalitis patients

Early diagnosis of AE allows for aggressive treatment, which greatly improves recovery outcomes. On the contrary, delayed diagnosis and treatment can lead to permanent brain injury or even loss of life. In literature, no work has been published which compares clinical, radiological and laboratory characteristics of patients with definite autoantibody-positive AE (AE+) and autoantibody-negative AE (AE-). …

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The psychopathology of NMDAR-antibody encephalitis in adults

A group of researchers from the Autoimmune Neurology Group at the University of Oxford led by Dr. Sarosh Irani,  recently published an article in the Lancet Psychiatry, noting that a focus on the psychopathology is likely the most effective way to promote prompt recognition of NMDAR-antibody encephalitis. NMDAR-antibody encephalitis is an autoantibody-mediated disease that typically presents …

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