AE Alliance partnering with strategic development consulting firm

As we look to expand our outreach, the AE Alliance is excited to announce we have retained the strategic development consulting firm moss+ross. Our goal is for moss+ross to guide us through developing a more comprehensive business plan, and provide insight into funding strategies to implement new organizational strategic goals. moss+ross provides fundraising and planning services to nonprofit organizations.  Headquartered in Durham and Raleigh, NC, the consulting firm’s partners and associates help create customized solutions for clients including universities, independent schools, cultural institutions, and philanthropic organizations. We are working most closely with Chuck Fyfe (Chuck Fyfe’s Bio) who is a Senior Advisor for moss+ross. He has nearly 30 years of experience in strategic planning and board member service. Chuck holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and an MBA from Duke University. Most importantly though Chuck understands the AE Alliance’s unique mission to help those affected by AE. We look forward to keeping everyone abreast of our work and upcoming events.