Thankful for the AE Alliance community

As all of us who have been affected by AE know, the holidays can be filled with mixed emotions.  Some of us are just settling into our role as caregiver, some are seasoned in giving of ourselves in support of someone with AE, and some of us long for the time when we were comforting a family member or friend who has passed away.  It is our hope that regardless of where you are in your relationship with AE that we can help one another find thanksgiving in the midst of our worried work.  We hope that a card from a friend will draw us closer into that friendship, a smile from a child with AE will bolster our spirits in a way that nothing else can, or that a remembrance may be a gift that reminds us that we are still connected to our loved-ones.  If you have a thanksgiving in which you find comfort, a memory that brings you joy, or if you simply want to encourage others during this season of thanks, please share it with us on Facebook ( AE Alliance Facebook ) or Twitter ( @AE_Alliance ). While none of us are thankful for AE, we are thankful for this community that gives and cares; in hopes that all of us may feel the sympathetic warmth of others who understand the struggle.